Walsall Football Club – One Proud Midlands Club That’s Building For the Future

With four Premier League Clubs on their doorstep, they could be forgiven for feeling sorry for themselves. However, that’s not the case at the Banks’s Stadium, home of Walsall FC.

Walsall, nicknamed The Saddlers, have been around for an awful long time – 1888 in fact.

A family club at the heart of the local community, they may not be in the Premier League in a divisional sense but, in a host of ways, they are on top of their game.

In an age where prices are freezing regular football fans out of the game, Walsall supporters can pop down the Banks’s and watch live football for as little as £14 for adults and £8 for juniors. Better still, there are family tickets available at £20 and under-8’s go free. Bonus.

The facilities are top drawer too. The ground has been redeveloped on a number of occasions since the club upped sticks from the dilapidated Fellows Park in 1990. New Suites have been built, meaning fans can grab a bite to eat and watch the live Sky Sports match at lunchtime before settling down to watch Walsall. There’s banter to be had as fans of all ages, shapes and sizes come together for a pre-match chat.

On the field, things are going well too.

They finished tenth in League One last season and the two men in charge – Chris Hutchings (boss) and Martin O’Connor (assistant) both used to play for the club. In fact they both captained Walsall before hanging up their boots, meaning they have the club in their blood.

Having players with an affinity to a club makes a difference. Walsall has that too.

It’s not like the Premier League at League One level. These players are actually human and, shock horror, a lot of them speak with a Black Country or Brummie twang – the only intepretors needed are those who can’t work out what ‘they dow arf doe sum bostin stuff at the Bonks’, dow they? Stay with me if you can…….

To help support fortunes on the field, Walsall have had to be ufabet เข้าสู่ระบบทางเข้า innovative off it. They do some really good things at the Banks’s Stadium (there’s your translation if you need it).

Walsall Football Club have made use of their location alongside the M6 by installing giant advertising signs that attract some big players, who advertise their goods to all those commuters who travel up and down the motorway – trust me, there’s loads of them. The Suites which are great for a footie fan on matchday are hired out to businesseduring the week. It’s even a wedding venue, so plenty of young lovers have tied the knot at the Banks’s too……

So that takes care of what goes on Monday-Saturday and you’d imagine the good folk of Walsall treat Sunday as a day of rest. Wrong. The innovative Saddlers turn the car park into a Sunday Market which attracts thousands of people every week. Good thinking.

So, with all that going on, you can see why Walsall are proud of what they’ve achieved and how they’re going about ensuring an even prouder future.