FIFA World Cup – A History 1930 to 1958

If the number of television viewers watching a sporting event is any guide to its popularity, then the FIFA World Cup is the world’s favorite, with an estimated viewer ship of nearly 30 billion. How very different from the early days.

In the early 20th century, the only tournament where national teams could ufabetมือถือ compete, albeit on an amateur basis was as part of the Olympic Games. The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) recognized the Olympic tournament as a “world football championship for amateurs” in 1914 and undertook to organize the event under the Olympic umbrella.

Due to the First World War the introduction of the FIFA organized event was delayed until the 1920 Summer Olympics. Belgium won the tournament that year with Uruguay winning the next two titles in 1924 and 1928. During the early planning stages of the 1932 Summer Olympics the International Olympic Committee decided to drop the football tournament because of the low popularity of football in the United States. In response, Jules Rimet, the then President of FIFA passed a vote initiating a tournament to be held in 1930 totally under FIFA’ s control. Thus the World Cup was born. 1930 To honor its 100th birthday and to acknowledge the fact that it had won the last two Olympic competitions, Uruguay was chosen as the first host of the World Cup. Only four European teams took part despite Uruguay’s willingness to pay travel expenses.

The first match was France versus Mexico. Less than 1000 fans turned up to see the French win 4-1. In another match, again involving France, but this time against Argentina, the referee set the depressing pattern of poor decisions in the World Cup by ending the game over six minutes early. The ensuing invasion of the pitch by the Argentinean fans persuaded the referee to play the extra six minutes once the pitch had been cleared. Just as well for Argentina. They won 1-0. The final was a real grudge-match between Uruguay and Argentina. They couldn’t even agree on what type of ball to use so a compromise was reached where a different ball was used for each half of the match. Over 90,000 fans watched Uruguay become the first World Cup Champions by beating Argentina 4-2.

Statistics Host Country: Uruguay