College Football Rankings For Next Season

College sports have always been a popular way for people to pass time and enjoy themselves. College sports are also important to the people who are more than serious about their sports. College players are good to get familiar with as they may one day be in the Major Leagues. College football rankings of this year are varying only a little from poll to poll. Most of these poll’s top three are basically the same teams only slightly out of order from poll to poll. The statistics and information in this report are from the two top polls: The Associated Press Poll and the USA Today Poll. They show many similarities and were both taken recently to this writing.

At the top of both of these polls is the Louisiana State Tigers. This team has drawn in over a thousand votes on both polls. Last year they were prospected as the second best team in the college football world, but they have worked they way up to first this year. The second pick on Associated Press is Georgia with over fifteen hundred votes and USC is the third pick with fifteen hundred votes exactly. However, the USA today poll shows USC second with one thousand three hundred and eighty votes and Georgia in third place with one thousand three hundred and seventy votes. So, the top three picks on these polls are the same with just a little variation. It is quite close between Georgia and the University เว็บบอล ดีที่สุด of Southern California, so it will be interesting to find out who really is the better team this year.

Ohio State hit both of these polls in the top five as well. For the Associated Press poll, Ohio State comes in at number five on the rankings with a little over thirteen hundred votes. Ohio State stands at number four in the USA Today ranking with nearly thirteen hundred votes. Missouri is also located in each of these poll’s top five. Missouri is number four on the Associated Press poll and number five on the USA Today poll. So, the top five are also in agreement between both of these polls with only small variations and very similar amounts of votes. This season of college football should be an exciting one. It will be interesting to watch this season unfold and see who really comes out on top and to see who beats who. With the poll rankings on these sites being so very close together in their top five, it seems like this will be an edge of your seat year in the world of college football. And many of this year’s top college football players are seniors, and may be making way for a great football future in the National Football League.

Another popular poll has about the same top five as the Associated Press and USA Today polls with some small variations. This is the Bowl Championship Series Rankings and is also well known. Number one on their top five is the Ohio State Buckeyes. Number two is the Louisiana State Tigers. Number three is the Virginia Tech Hokies. Number four on the poll is the Oklahoma Sooners and number five is the Georgia Bulldogs. The BCS college football rankings are very important because they determine who goes to the important bowl games played near the end of each season, and which are watched by millions.